Customer Segmentation and Persona Building

Online video is an important marketing tool .  Its growing importance is evident from multiple statistics:

  • using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by a whopping 19%.

  • 65% of video viewers watch more than 3/4th of a vide. Compare this with blogs- hardly 20-30% is read by readers

  • 50% online video  now accounts for 50% online traffic. The rest 50% of online traffic comprises of blogs, microblogs, social media and website(Isn’t that amazing). This number will go up to 69% of traffic in 2017 and 79% in 2018

Undoubtedly , videos is the next big things in social media and online marketing that every marketer wishes to benefit from.  And to leverage big on this channel they need to target it to the right audience.

Well every new marketing channel is a great opportunity but comes with the  downside of not knowing how viewers will react or accept it.

There could be statistics to show an average acceptance but will your audience also love it as others do- probably yes. In  video marketing you do not have to necessarily run the risk of not knowing whom you are talking to.

Instead provide a basic information on how well you uploads faired.

However you have access to more. You could know more from the Analytics reporting API- that is basically integrating you tube data to your Google Spread sheet or where ever you want it.

What do you get using an YouTube Analytics API?

Channel owners and content owners can retrieve reports to better understand viewing statistics and trends for your channel. The APIs support a variety of video and playlist reports that offer insight about your viewers. Just some of the information you could get out of this :

  1. User activity by province- This report provides user activity statistics for U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

  2. Playback locations- Viewing of your video content by geographic locations

  3. Traffic sources – How did your viewers find you or where were they before they were on your channel

  4. Device type and Operating system- what device and what operating system has been used to view your content. This could tell whether it si mobile , tab or a PC used to watch.

  5. Viewer demographics- Age group, gender aggregated information of your viewers

  6. Annotations – statistics for annotations that display during a channel’s videos. The report data measures the performance of individual annotations

  7. Card – This report provides impressions and click-through statistics for cards that display during a channel’s videos.

  8. Subtitles – This report provides statistics about the closed caption language that is used for the longest time during video views.

  9. Content sharing by platform – statistics showing how frequently the channel’s videos were shared on different social platforms.


In other words you can

  1. Understand your viewer preference, likes and dislikes

  2. Understand where to find them and how to drive them to watch your video

  3. Their engagement and interaction level  with your content- whether or not they like subtitles or annotations

  4. Check whether viewers exit the video at a certain point. Is there a certain point or pattern that could better inform what to do and not to do.

We help businesses collect  this highly valuable data  from YouTube  and turn it into insights and actionable information. We have business understand all those reports and take meaningful steps towards business growth.

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