InScope can help you build custom designed Amazon MWS API and AWS platforms, to automate timely download and usage of seller data.

We build dashboards to SKU performance, Amazon FBA and FBS inventory and customer insights to help you see your best seller, re-price them optimally increase sales and reduce cost with highly insightful inventory metrics.

What is Amazon Marketplace Web Services?

If you are a seller on Amazon, with Amazon MWS, you can have applications for your own seller account. Using Amazon MWS you can create applications that look up products for sale, download orders for fulfillment, confirm shipment, and schedule and receive reports.

Amazon MWS provides the following features:
  • Inventory management— You can perform batch uploads of inventory, add products, check inventory levels, examine pricing information, and other inventory management tasks.
  • Order management— You can download order information, obtain payment data, acknowledge orders, and schedule reports.
  • Reports management— You can request a variety of reports as well as query the status of these reports, and then download them.


Aamzon MWS Data Download- InScope INC.

For sellers using the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) feature, Amazon MWS also allows you to:

  • Create inbound shipments to an Amazon fulfillment center— You can automate the process for creating labels for units you ship to an Amazon fulfillment center.
  • Check status of inbound shipments— You can check to see if your shipment has reached a fulfillment center and, if so, whether the shipment has been processed.
  • Submit fulfillment orders— By integrating your system with Amazon MWS, you can enable your customers to submit multi-channel fulfillment orders at any time. There is no lag time while you process or batch orders.
  • Track and manage outbound shipment requests— Once orders have left an Amazon fulfillment center, you can track shipments and keep your customers aware of arrival times.
How can we help?

We can develop the API for your business that enables smooth integration the above mentioned reports into your database. This integration can be to any database- MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc.
This is a 3 step integration process
Step 1- Establishing a connection between Amazon MWS and local system so as to import data and store in a local database .This step can be further broken down to

  • Establishing database connection
  • Gathering data from Amazon
  • Processing and archiving storage files.

Step 2- Create table sin database and process data. Then insert and/or update data to a final database table. Insert and/or update will depend on the nature of data.

Step 3- Create a job to automate step 1 and 2 that runs at pre calculated regular interval of time so as to keep your database always updated.