Realize the full value of data with a complete platform that ingest data from structured and unstructured systems along with ensuring high security , consistency and credibility.

InScope Data warehousing and big data solutions, provide a trusted set of multi divisional and requirement specific data marts that can work with data of all forms, formats and sources.

A data warehouse is a repository for all the data collected from various business systems of an enterprise. The repository may be physical or logical.Our extensive experience and proficiency in data warehousing technologies can help provide highest quality service in not only providing a complete solutions, but also quick turnaround with smart anticipations of potential problem areas.

Our services start with consultancy of right databases for the company and then moves on to;

Data Integration
Data Processing ,Transformation&Standardization
Data Mart Creation

Data Integration

Databases- Oracle , Teradata, MS SQL, Access,
ERP tools - SAP, Sage, Informatica, Infor, Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management Software (PLM), SFDC, Service Max, HRMS
Point of Sales System(POS)
Legacy Systems- AS400, Mainframe, DB2.
Migration to Cloud - Move from on-premise DWH to AWS leveraging open source

Data Processing , Transformation and Standardization

This is the process of preparing data for reports. It involves , running and processing workflows to achieve high quality data in integrated systems.

  • Parsing- to detect and eliminate syntax error
  • Transformation- so as to adhere to standardization , maintain consistency and uniformity of data
  • Duplication and redundant data elimination while also maintaining completeness and accuracy
  • Data Validation- Applying constraints and data entry checks

Data Mart Creation

This is the process of creating a reporting platform. A data mart is a repository of data that is designed to serve a particular group of knowledge workers. We worked extensively in organizing that to meet demands of specific groups of people like , marketing , supply chain management team, financial analysts and strategic decision makers.