InScope ecommerce data analytics services , help you see data from all online sales channels at on place.

Be it a website , or sales channels like amazon, eBay, or seers or all of them , you can view all orders, understand , consumer reactions and feedback and stream line inventory across channels. Detailed Reports to Analyze your Business.

Ecommerce Sales Analysis- InScope
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Social Media Analytics Report
eCommerce inventory

eCommerce Sales Analysis

  • Sales Summary
  • Summary by Year,week, month
  • Category Sales
  • Geographic Sales
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting

Online Customer Behviour

  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Item Viewing Pre-Purchase
  • Search Items
  • Sessions, Page Views, Entrances, bounces
  • Keyword Analysis & Search Engine

eCommerce Marketing Analytics

  • Geographic Pre-order Sales
  • Category Market Segment Share
  • Page Views & Conversion
  • Category Conversion Comparison
  • Competitive Category Comparison
  • Competitive Tile Comparison

Operations and Inventory Analytics

  • Stock & Forecast
  • Sales & Inventory- Item Detail
  • Sales & Inventory- Monthly Summary
  • Demand Forecast Report