InScope Supply chain and inventory analytics work to provide fully managed , automated and highly optimized inventory management application system that is custom built to your specific business and inventory requirements . Our analytics is targeted to make inventory available at the right time, in the right location, in the right quantity while ensuring maximum demand fullfillment

Inventory Analysis- InScope
Inventory Analysis-InScope Inc
eCommerce inventory
Inventory Analytics - InScope

Inventory OptimizationInventory buffers to hold and Ship.-          Inventory Cost
1. Safety stock recommendation-          In-store or online availability
2. Reorder level and time-           
3. Alerting system
4. Inventory Cost optimization
5. Replenishment Planning and analytics for retails, wholesales, distribution center, warehouses
SUPPLY CHAIN METRICS MEASUREMENT AND REPORTINGHow well is my supply chain working and what could be optimized-Perfect Order Measurement
Covering Metrics for all of-Cash to cash cycle time
cover many areas including Procurement, Production, Distribution, Warehousing, Inventory, Transportation, Customer Service- Customer Order cycle Time
- Supply chain Cycle Time
to encourage and support the process changes to achieve the desired targets.- Inventory days of Supply
-           - Freight Cost Per unit
- Inventory Turnover
- Average Payment Period for Production Material
- On Time Shipping Rate
And any other business specific metrics
Demand AnalyticsWhat is my demand forecast and how is it tracking with retail sales?Demand or sale sin Unit by Seasons, Geographies
Optimize the demand side drivers
Sales forecasting on various sales channels
Sales Forecast at different business cycles, marketing or advertising initiatives, and at various point of ales,