Customer Analytics Reports

Analytics and Insights related to target market of a business make the business better positioned to acquire new customers , retain existing client base and build strategies for high value customer relationship management. A consumer analytic report is essential information for all growth business.                Read More..

Marketing ROI Analysis

Marketing Analytics reports provides key metrics and insights to marketers to be more efficient at their jobs , minimize wasted marketing investing and build robust marketing strategies.   Read More..

Website Analytics

Know about your website traffic, sources of traffic and user behavior. Understand impact these have on your business through success of target goals. Review where your business stand in the online competitive environment and use fact based insights to grow online.                                                                                  Read More..

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is the arrangement of information so that it can be intuitively searched and easily used by target users . Information architecture could be applied to internal portals of an organization, websites , mobile applications, database and as well as dash boards and reports . With this report you will know the current usability of information within your system and how that can be improved.    Read More..

SEO Reports

What is the level of search engine optimization for your business. Are you competing on the right keywords . Do you have a well researched list of key customer terms, competition terms or terms with highest search volume. Do you know how to use them within your website . Our SEO Report will not only help assess current SEO ranks but also a competitive analysis and a guide achieving desire benchmarks.    Read More..

Usability Analysis Report

The usability analysis report  evaluates the ease of task completion by users  on a  website or user interface.   Read More..

Social Media Analytics 

This report provides an assessment of social media marketing  performance. It also includes a deep dive into sentiment analysis and  the impact of branding  on end audience through state of art text analytics procedures.  This helps  marketing managers clearly evaluate ROI from social media marketing .  Read More..