Information Architecture is the arrangement of information so that it can be intuitively searched and easily used by target users . Information architecture could be applied to internal portals of an organization, websites , mobile applications, database and as well as dash boards and reports . With this report you will know the current usability of information within a system and to what extent that can be improved.

 Data and Processes employed in Information Architecture report:
  • General Conventions
  • Proven and researched Industry standard
  • Competitive Uniqueness

What you can expect from this report

Information analytic is the analysis of organization , grouping and hierarchy of information from the perspective of easy searchabiity , findability of every piece of information  and making information platforms highly usable.This report is an analysis of existing information architecture of a given platform- website, portal, database or report. It aims to provide a clear assessment of different aspects of  architecture . The different components of this analysis are:

1. Listing and order of information
2. Hierarchy , organization
3. Expert review of associativity and grouping of different categories of information
4. Navigation Analysis
5. Site Searchability
6. Recommendations and presentation of results.