Marketing Analytics reports provides key metrics and insights to marketers to be more efficient at their jobs , minimize wasted marketing investing and build robust marketing strategies.

Marketing analytics report employ statistical and technical processes that assist measuring, analyzing and managing of campaign performance . It includes key recommendation to maximize marketing return on investment (ROI) and create real value for business.

Data and Processes  employed in Marketing Analytics report:
  •  Presales and Post Sales Analysis of Marketing Experiments

  •  Customer Lifetime Value

  •  Advertising Effectiveness Analytics

  •  Multi-channel Marketing Analysis

  •  Customer Behavior Analysis

  •  Incremental Benefits of Initiatives

  •  A comprehensive analysis involving connected analysis of marketing efforts and corresponding initiatives

  • Marketing metrics (campaign results, acquisition rates, lead generation scores, etc.) to business results (share of wallet, loyalty, category share, profitability, etc.)


What you can expect in this report

  • How are marketing initiatives performing today? How will it perform in future? Measures you can take to improve them?
  • How do our marketing activities compare with our competitors’? Where are they spending their time and money? Are they using channels that we aren’t using?
  • What should you do next? Are your marketing resources properly allocated? Are you devoting time and money to the right channels? How should you prioritize your investments for next year?