What is the level of search engine optimization for your business. Are you competing on the right keywords . Do you have a well researched list of key customer terms, competition terms or terms with highest search volume. Do you know how to use them within your website . Our SEO Report will not only help assess current SEO ranks but also a competitive analysis and a guidance towards achieving desire benchmarks.

Data and Processes employed in SEO report:
  1. Business and Service Category
  2. Online Research of competitor and competitive analysis of search optimization level
  3. Web Analytics 
  4. Traffic volume per  keywords
  5. Online Advertising/Keywords  reports
  6. Analysis of target customers
  7. Customer terms and Search Patterns
SEO Analysis Report-InScope Inc.

What you can expect from this report

a) Current Status of Website SEO- Current rank for select keyword , Broken links and page in website, Error or not found pages, Image size and optimization status, Page titles and headings (mandatory for SEO) , MEta information report- descriptions and tags

b) Site quality overview– Is the current website standard SEO guidelines, technical requirements and search engine ranking requirements.

c) Website Navigationa and searchability - This is is an analysis website information architecture, internal and external linking structure,

d) Analysis of Ofsite Optimiaztion- Level of branding , enternal linking, type and quality of refrring websotes, strength of social media presence and its impact of website traffic

e) Content Analysis- This includes analysi of keyword desity, volume and quality of HTML content, Usability of content (from users perspective) .

f) Competitive Analysis – Search engine ranking analysis of one business in comparison to competitors for service keywords and search terms. Analysis of ranks on major search engines like Google , Big, Yahoo, 5 -7 competitors and 1 top keywords describing the business and its services

g) Keyword Research and Suggestions

  •  Research Top keywords by seacrch boulme , industry category , service types
  • Analysis of keywords used by high performing competitors and suggestions based on that
  • Analysis of users category, users queries, customer questions
  • Research impactof existing keyword and business value generated

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