This report provides an assessment of social media marketing performance. It also includes a deep dive into sentiment analysis and the impact of branding on end audience through state of art text analytics procedures. This helps marketing managers clearly evaluate ROI from social media marketing

Social Media Analytics Report
Data and Processes employed in Social Media Analytics report:
  • Social media analytics for a business is the process of collecting data from all social media marketing platforms used by a business
  • Text analytics of comments , posts and ¬†hash tags
  • Sentiment analysis with likes, shares, retweets, follows,unfollows, etc
  • Target customer segmentation and consumer profiling

What you can expect in this report

The objective of this analysis is to provide crucial insights for robust marketing and customer service activities.

1. Effectiveness in terms of return on investment in terms of conversion on the website or Facebook page.
2. Viewer Sentiments
3. User Engagement Patterns
4. Brand Value and brand equity
5. Identify content that resonates
6. Reporting of key metrics in count of likes, shares, retweets, views, comments etc.
7. Competitive edge- how different is your social media marketing from competitors , where lies the uniqueness and what could you emulate
8. Comparative analysis with industry benchmarks.

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