The usability analysis report  evaluates the ease of task completion by users  on your website. It report provides findings and detailed analysis usability tests and analysis performed on the website.

Data and Processes employed in Usability Analysis report:

1. General design evaluation with respect to expected tasks

2. Analysis of how functionally and aesthetically suitable the design is with respect to industry standards, conventions, and user requirements.

3. Your competitive position. Are you better or worse than other companies in your industry ? Where are you better or worse

Usability and User Experience Report- InScope Inc.

What you can expect in this report

  • General design elements lacking on your website with respect to the specific business category you are in
  • What you need to do to conform to the usability standards or well research fundamentals and conventions.
  • soecif cconsulting steps on the road map and how you can take your design to the next level
User analysis of a Website- InScope

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