A website is essentially the online storefront of a business . In current business environment the online wing can  significantly contribute towards overall business profitability . Therefore it is important to review  your business standing , benchmark against online competitors and use fact based insights to grow online.

Web Analytics Reporting-InScope Inc.
 Data and Processes employed in Website Analytics report:
  • Website Traffic
  • Hit count, Pageviews
  • User Behavior
  • Event Interactions
  • eComemrce transactions 
  • Business goals achieved through Website

What you an expect from this report

Contents of a website assessment and audit report :
  • Web Traffic Volume and Hit Count – Using website tracker tools , web log data we measure page views, unique view, hit count.

  •  Sources of Traffic – Information about online location where your website visitors were before visiting your website includes list of search engines and other websites where your URLS appears and are being clicked to visit your pages.

  •  Navigation Flow- Information about how users click their way from page A to page B. Buttons they view and do not click, important pages they miss and exiting pages are analysed and presented in this report. Bench-marking against generally website navigation standards .

  •  Landing and Exit Pages- Popular pages users use to enter your website . Answers questions like - Is it the main home page or is it one articles page or services page? Identifying lthe last pages in a users visit. Is it the contact us page or is it the home page?

  • Searchability – Identifying ease os searching a information or service on your website. How functional is your search button. Is it possible to

  • User behavior – Information about time spent by users on each category of information(services, product, FAQ, articles), each page on the website (eg, particular article ). Bounce rate, Exit percentage interaction level etc.

  • Goals Achieved- What does this mean for business . How does this effect business

  • Recommendations and Insights- We provide a complete analysis and understanding of these metrics with respect to your business. We provide insights , recommendation , future action item and ways to fix the issues we identify.