InScope Google Analytics Training will help you set up the tool, view understand and interpret the reports, assess accuracy of information and be independently working with this free tool to grow your online business.

Training Topics and Contents

What is Web Analytics?   

                  - Pitfall of web metrics and how to turn data into information
                  - Digital Analytics – A tool and a stepwise process


What Does Google Analytics measure?

  •  Defining goals and conversions and the purpose of a website
  • Understanding data- averages , segments , trends and context
  • Details on segments, trends and context
  • Google Analytics Fundamentals

             - How does Google Analytics work

             - Set up Google Analytics Account

             - Installing Google Analytics Tracking code

  1. Google Analytics Report Fundamentals

             - Understanding account and profile administration

             - Navigating the reports and data over time chart

             - Selecting and comparing date ranges

             - Using annotations to make notes in data

  2. Analyzing data/ reports

             - The framework approach- Acquisition | Behavior | Conversion

             - Comparing different ways to view data(overview, tabular, pie)

             - Sorting data with inline an d advanced filters

             - Importance of segmentation

             - Slicing data with dimensions

  3. Visitor and Audience Reports

            - Understanding who is visiting a site

            - Analyzing location and geographic data

            - Using language identification to segment users

            - Differentiating new users and returning users

            - Understanding visitors loyalty and engagement metrics

            - Comparing data visits visitors and page views

            - Sorting data by browser capability

            - Analyzing data from mobile browsers

            - Visualizing visitor navigation through visitors low

  4.  Traffic Source and Channel Reports

            - Understanding where site visitors come from

            - Analyzing the all traffic sources report

            - Identifying users who were referred to your site

            - Social media traffic sources

            - Viewing search engine reports

            - Introducing campaign tracking

            - Planning creating and logging a tracking strategy

            - Tracking offline campaigns

  5. Behavior and Content Report

            - Analyzing top content by metrics

            - Sorting top content according to page title

            - Understanding when to use content drilldown

            - Exploring behavior flow and landing pages

            - Identifying slow performing pages with

            - Understanding the internal site search reports

            - Configuring site search

  6. Conversions

            - Understanding the Goal reports

            - Configuring Goals

            - Identifying value through ecommerce reports

            - Visualizing funnels through Goal Flow

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