InScope Google Analytics consulting services help you use a free tool to monitor your whole online business and marketing .

We set it up to track all user action like visits to pages, viewing of videos downloading material , form filling and purchasing. We tie up user actions to your business goals that facilitate the evaluation of website as a marketing and sales platform  

The free version of Google Analytics measure a variety of statistics, such as conversions, sales, and demographics. We assisst in the understanding and usage of  this  highly comprehensive overview of the  health of  online business

 Ecommerce Others  
Tool Set Up
Standard Accounts - Custom Alerts
- Goals - Dashboard Design
- Filters - Views
- Enabling reports - Linking Google Adwords
- Properties - Linking Webmaster tool
- Funnels
- Same domain eCommerce tracking
- Measuring eCommerce conversion
- eCommerce funnel setup
- Content Drilldown for Product/service
Advanced Set Up- One Event Goal and tracking button click events
- Set up Custom Variables
- Custom Reports
- Tacking Social buttons and Video plays
- Campaign Tagging
- Cross domain eCommerce tracking
- Paypal and other gateway tracking
- Cross domain goal set up
- Onsite Search set- up
- Setup Custom Reports
Standard Reporting Complete Analysis and Reporting using Audience
- Traffic Acquisition
- Behavior analysis and content reports
- Attribution report
- Benchmarking with industry standards
- Two hour of report presentation and support
Insights into better Conversions Strategies.
' Landing and Product page Analysis - Insights product line up ,, compared to industry trends
- Consumer Analytics time to purchase and return purchase N28

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