Information Architecture is the arrangement of information so that it can be intuitively searched  and easily used  by target users .InScope Information Architecture Consulting services help you attain just that with your complex information system.

Be it an internal portal or a complex multi page website or a analytics reporting dashboard we use a complete understanding of end user requirements , user pain points and structure and design information so as to improve productivity and efficiency of your organization.

Consulting overview:

This is the analysis and implementation of a highly financial and usable information architecture Websites that contains more than 20 pages of service’s information faces a very challenging task to properly organize and structurize information .

We use architectural design procedures in the proper organization and categorization of content on information rich systems that make this valuable asset suitable located and easily find-able for users.

The final goal of this consulting service is to have a well designed and organized information  system . This involved implementation of  well researched designs that are based on best practices and industry standards .

Data & Processes employed in Information Architecture Consulting service


  1. Website data and Analytics report
    Analysis of the current conditions of Information Architecture based on hits , pageviews, time on pages, clicks of buttons and usage of different types of navigation.
  2. Onsite Search results
    Searches by users on the website probates meaning full insights on what users are looking for, user terminology of the same service s etc
  3. Actual user interview
    Understanding user’s perspective of the current organization of Content and interpretations of labels and hierarchy
  4. Task completion analysis
    Through a given set of task understanding success of completion rate, ease of completions and ultimate level of satisfaction achieved on completion.
  5. Card Sorting
    Method used to understanding users, perspective of content hierarchy, grouping , and categorization. This leads to valuable insights regarding usability of current content and specific improvement areas.
  6. Page Labels, headings and hierarchy audit
    Our IA experts use these and their own experience and expertise to understand content and work to achieve meaningful organization, build proper categories, hierarchy, developing labels etc.