InScope SEO Training service will help you optimize your website or mobile application for leading search engines like Google, Bing etc. Here you will learn to research keywords and use them on the website as well as in content posted outside the website.

SEO Training  Topics and Contents

1. Role of SEO to your online business or website
2. How to research the right keyword
3. How to search keywords by volume, competition, target customers , geographies etc
4. Hands on training with Google’s Keyword Planer
5. Hands on With SEO onsite Optimization
6. How to embed keywords to your website- Tagging pictures, pages, content. Build keyword based urls, headings, anchor texts, tabs titles etc
7. How to Register for external domains
8. Registering on Google My business.
9. What does it mean by doing off-page optimization
10. What is content marketing
11. How to tag content.
12. How to build highly searchable content and drive traffic from external pages to your website.

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